Hi Everyone. My name is Isaiah Burch.

As an artist, my primary medium has always been pencils (Colored and black & white), but in recent years, I’ve also been working on improving and expanding my repertoire by practicing markers, along with learning different digital mediums through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

My primary passion when it comes to art has always been portraiture. I’ve been drawing and sketching all of my life since childhood – but it was primarily when I started to sketch celebrities, actors, athletes and different characters that I took a serious path towards portraiture (Which you can check out in my portfolio). I also started on a path that would help me to try and define my own personal style, that would separate my art from everyone else.

Growing up, my favorite artists were (in no particular order) Leonardo Da Vinci from the Renaissance period along with twentieth century artists that I took inspiration from artists such as Norman Rockwell, Gil Elvgren, Al Hirschfeld, Edward Hopper and Robert McGrinnis.

I never really considered what to do with my artist, beyond doing occasional portraits for a few acquaintances and friends who were aware of my skills. It’s only recently that I started to consider what I could possibly achieve with this childhood hobby and what doors are available to me at this point in my life during this peak of the internet age.

Also – for anyone interested in inquiring further about my work or possible commissions, please contact me first by email. All subsequent communication will be done by video chat only to verify and communicate. 

I hope you enjoy my work!